Frosty's Favourites


Premier Soft Carpet, Invincible Performance.

100% Bleach Cleanable
Suitable For All Areas in Home

Victoria Twist

A Traditional Wool Twist Carpet.

80% High Grade Wool, 20% Polypropylene
Boasting 36 Contemporary Cool Tones.
Available in 4 and 5 metre width.

Regency Chilton

Easy to Clean/Hassle Free!

With a UV Stabilizer, avoiding fading from the sun.
7 Year Free Warranty with Manufacturer.
Available in 4 and 5 metre width.

Park Lane

Multi Widths of 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 Metre Cuts.

Offering Flexibility, Combined with Waste Reduction.
British Premiere Wool Carpet.

Victoria Twist Alton
Regency Chilton Alton
Park Lane Alton